Finding Form 

Finding Form 
is a co-show art event showcasing the works of Jeff Morrical, Jeff Guiducci & Carmelia Chiang, all working as architects in Los Angeles.

Morrical’s work, The Folded Ocean, incorporates single sheet sculptures shaped by folds and gravity.

Guiducci & Chiang’s work, Tangential Mode, demonstrates the many possibilities of extraordinary form through the use of a most ordinary material – PVC piping.

The Folded Ocean is a gathering of creatures and sculptures developed through the repeated use of the Miura fold.  The Miura pattern was invented by Japanese astrophysicist Koryo Miura as a method of folding large 2D satellites into shuttles for transport into space.

When repeated over a single sheet, the folded pattern creates varied structural properties in the resulting form — shallower angles allow sag while steeper angles provide structural rigidity.  By experimenting with this interplay of angles, color, shadow, and printed pattern, a variety of creatures find form in suspended space.

Tangential Mode is a two-part physical manifestation of a body of work we refer to as “Tangential Space”, which is the condition caused by two surfaces, either physical or implied, approaching to touch at a single point. This closeness is referred to as the Kiss.

Part one of the research is a series of studies examining the relationship of lines, surfaces, and volumes, and their implied boundaries. The small scale physical models reflect motions of kissing, bending, cantilevering and swinging to display the moment of closeness. The drawings illustrate specific moments and amplifications through their shadows.

Part two of the research is a human scale installation that creates the concept of kissing moments to form tangential space in the tangible world. It is a design experiment and research project demonstrating the possibilities of creating implied surfaces and volumes through the manipulation of lines in a large scale format.


On exhibit through Feb 13, 2016